Friday, June 12, 2009

My email to BMWUSA and MINIUSA

After the inspection incident, I proceeded to write a detailed, organized, and passionate email to BMWUSA and MINIUSA. I searched my Rolodex to grab as many relevant email addresses as I can - then I hit Google to get names of more executives at BMW & MINI. I let the email marinate overnight and review it several times before I hit the send button. Surprisingly, my laptop didn't spontaneously combust. I expect someone from BMW, MINI, ClipperCreek, Crevier or CFCI to reply within 24 hours. The first reply is from Enid, then Crevier and followed by MINIUSA after my 1 hour call with Enid. I'll leave out the gory details but my email has received a lot of attention and several conference calls ensue as a result. I relay my concerns and grievances and now I wait patiently. Oh yeah - Crevier told me the day after my email that I will be getting #017 in few days w/ a 110V cable. And I coin the term "MINI PIGS" for the fellow MINI E Pioneers...

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