Sunday, November 23, 2008

So it begins

Day 1


25 January 2009

So it begins…

I’ve never written a blog until now. When I started my Geocities page in the fall of 1997 (thanks Tom and Donna!), I started the page to share pictures of my first born who was about year and a half old at the time. The site was at its infancy, so I had to learn HTML codes or cut and paste, monkey-see-monkey-do style, to create even the most basic site. And the pictures... I didn’t own a digital camera at the time so it was all old school – scan and upload pictures, one byte at a time. It was a truly a labor of love.

One day, one of the friendly visitors to the site commented that I should start a "BLOG" - and Google didn't exist yet for me to look up what a BLOG was! I thought it would be a good idea, but never started one for 2 reasons – lack of compelling stories to share and lack of time (or was it lack of focus?).

That was a long and circuitous intro to the MINI E – Some time before November 23rd 2008, I came across a link to the all new plug-in, full electric MINI Cooper (MINI E) launch in 2009 and call for 500 “Field Trial” participants. I’ve missed the last opportunity at a similar chance with the Chevy Volt so I jumped at this chance right away.

Sometime around 10 PM, armed with a full stomach and a high-ball glass of vodka tonic, I started filling out the online application with gusto. I was un-phased by the fake error message booby-trap (very clever, MINI-USA...), and completed the application and slumbered the night away.

E Mood: Happy