Monday, June 8, 2009

Irvine Inspector - Part 1

On June 8th, Mr. Art Villa came by to inspect the wall charger. Unfortunately Andy from Sunpower Electric was running late to install the cable, and Art told me he has to leave for his next appointment. I panicked and got Andy on the horn to get his butt over to the house pronto. Another missed day at work and I would be sleeping out of the MINI E. Once Art started inspecting the charger, real bad news started - inspection has failed due to lack of a UL sticker (UR/RU sticker doesn't count). I tried unsuccessfully to contact ANYONE at CFCI. My call to Crevier MINI reached Christian Banks, but he couldn't help much. I told Art that inspections in Newport Beach are going just fine - Art's answer was perhaps the Newport inspections are done improperly - case closed. My further follow up later in the day w/ ClipperCreek came to the same conclusion that Art was right. And I find out that Pasadena is also failing inspections - which leads to my email to BMWUSA, MINIUSA, CFCI, ClipperCreek and Crevier...

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