Sunday, May 24, 2009

My fleet of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles

My Disco was launched during the short tenure of Land Rover ownership by BMW (1994 ~ 2000). I bought it new in February 2008 from Land Rover Newport Beach – more on the Disco later.

The ’93 e32 has been in my family since my dad bought it new in the winter of 1993 at Competition Sports in Greenwich, CT. After 7 years of TLC by my dad, my sister was the lucky recipient of one of the finest sedans in BMW’s long history. She and her husband proceeded to log mainly freeway miles in Marin County, CA until they were generous to hand it to me in 2003 with approximately 80,000 miles on the odometer. My brother-in-law had just leased a brand new 2003 BMW 528i (e60) and they had to make more room in their driveway. By this time, e32 had seen several seasons of the best and worst of Northern CA weather, and it showed in its fading trims and paint job. The car still ran well when pushed hard – it was the stop and go traffic of the I-405 that it didn’t seem to care for. It leaked various species of petroleum based lubricants, mainly the power steering fluid which has confounded many fine mechanics. It still runs strong today with 160,000+ miles on the odometer; however, with soon to arrive MINI E to my crowded garage my time with the e32 is coming to a close.

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